Where to Start

Are you ready to explore the Grishaverse, but not certain where to begin?
The truth is, there is more than one place to commence your journey.

Begin at the beginning

If you like to read in chronological order, start with the Shadow and Bone Trilogy and meet Alina Starkov, Sun Summoner and Ravka’s only hope for salvation.

Or start with a heist

You can certainly start with the Six of Crows Duology and we promise you won’t be lost. Here you join up with Kaz Brekker’s crew of thugs and thieves. This duology takes place two years after the end of the Shadow and Bone Trilogy, but focuses on a new set of characters and different plots in a different country.

The adventure continues

This epic duology picks up back in Ravka, one year after the end of the Six of Crows Duology. While you can start here, but we recommend reading the other books in the Grishaverse first if you want to avoid spoilers.

Afraid to commit?

Want to start reading, but don’t have time to commit to a full series? Try one of these beautifully illustrated collections of Grisha folktales and fables from every corner of this world. You can pick up The Language of Thorns without any knowledge of the rest of the books or The Lives of Saints if you’ve already started exploring the Grishaverse.