Welcome to the Grishaverse...

From the shores of the Wandering Isle to the impenetreble darkness of the Shadow Fold, explore the Grishaverse…

The Wandering Isle

A lush, green country where Grisha blood is prized as a medical cure-all.

The Bone Road

A deadly, iceberg-strewn passage between the True Sea and the Isenvee. Rumored home of the legendary ice dragon, Rusalye.

Novyi Zem

A relatively young country comprised mostly of farmland, an expanding frontier, and bustling coastal cities. Largely separated from global conflict by the expanse of the True Sea, Novyi Zem has prospered and is popular among those seeking opportunity and anonymity—including Grisha.

Ice Court

A heavily fortified Fjerdan fortress on a bluff overlooking the harbor at Djerholm. Its defenses have never been successfully breached.


An icy northern country separated from Ravka by thick permafrost. Fjerdan witchhunters called drüskelle capture and burn Grisha as witches.


Northernmost peaks of the Sikurzoi, the mountain range that stretches across much of Ravka’s border with Shu Han.


Home of the Second Army, a military force of Grisha soldiers sworn to protect Ravka. Exhausted by centuries of war with Fjerda to the north, and the Shu Han to the south, Ravka is itself divided by the Unsea (or the Shadow Fold) which has left much of the country vulnerable and without access to its port cities.

Os Alta

Ravka’s capital city, training ground for the magical military elite known as the Grisha, and seat of the monarchy.
Os Alta was called the dream city. It was the capital of Ravka, home to the Grisha and the King’s Grand Palace. But if anything, it just looked like a bigger, dirtier version of the market town at Keramzin.


A small island nation with tremendous economic power. The hub of all international trade and a country rich in art and culture, but also home to a teeming criminal underworld centered in the capital city of Ketterdam. Despite slavery being illegal in Kerch, Grisha and others are often bound to wealthy merchants as indentured servants under terms that amount to slavery.

Shu Han

Sharing its northern border with Ravka, the two countries have been at war for centuries. Shu Han mercenaries often travel into Ravka to capture and perform experiments on Grisha, seeking the source of Grisha power.