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Fancy graphic text that spells "corporalki" in decorative red script with ornate golden accents and small symbols above the letters, presented on a dark background.
For most of the life of the Second Army, the Corporalki were considered its most valuable soldiers and consequently, were the highest ranking Grisha. Their power focuses on the human body.


Heartrender: Among the most feared of the Grisha, Heartrenders have the ability to manipulate the body. They can snatch the air from your lungs, slow your pulse until you fall into a coma, or even literally crush your heart—all from a distance. Their only weakness? Their mark must be in their line of sight.

Kefta: Crimson with black embroidery

Heartrenders of Note: Fedyor Kaminsky, Tamar Kir-Bataar, Tolya Yul-Bataar, Nina Zenik


Tailor: Tailors possess the ability to change their appearance and the appearance of others, such as eye or hair color, bone structure, and face or body shape. The more advanced Tailors can make these alterations for long periods of time, or in some cases, permanently. 

Kefta: Crimson with blue embroidery

Tailors of Note: Genya Safin


Healer: Healers practice the intricate work of healing wounds and mending bones. Due to their ability to allow someone to continue fighting after an injury, Healers are extremely important on the front lines of the military.

Kefta: Crimson with gray embroidery

Healers of Note: Maxim, Anya, Sankt Grigori, Hanne

Logo with the word "ethereal" in a shimmering blue font embellished with golden ornamental designs and a stylized flame above the letter 'a'. the background is black, enhancing the text's glow.
Etherealki have power relating to the natural elements. While Grisha cannot create or animate matter, they can summon it and bend it to their will. Because of this ability, Etherealki are often referred to as Summoners. They frequently work in pairs.


Squaller: Squallers have the ability to manipulate air pressure in order to control wind, shape storms, create acoustic anomalies, and in some cases, summon lightning. 

Kefta: Blue with silver embroidery

Squallers of note: Zoya Nazyalensky,

Nadia Zhabin, Adrik Zhabin, Sankt Feliks


Inferni: Inferni can wield fire by summoning combustible gasses in the air around them such as methane or hydrogen, although they still need a flint to ignite a spark.

Kefta: Blue with red embroidery

Inferni of Note: Marie, Harshaw, Kuwei Yul-Bo


Tidemakers have the ability to command temperature and pressure to summon and control water. Tidemakers can control currents, summon moisture from the air, and change water into ice.

Kefta: Blue with pale blue embroidery

Tidemakers of Note: Annika, Ivo, Sankt Vladimir, Sankta Maradi, The Council of Tides

Sun Summoner

Sun Summoners have the ability to summon and bend light, and to summon heat from the sun. 

Kefta: Blue with gold embroidery

Sun Summoners of Note: Alina Starkov, Vladim Ozwal, the Soldat Sol

Shadow Summoner

A rare and powerful class of Grisha, Shadow Summoners have the ability to gather and manipulate darkness and shadows.

Kefta: Black

Shadow Summoners of Note: The Darkling, Baghra 

Logo featuring the word "materialki" in purple and gold cursive lettering with a stylized icon of a potion bottle, a beaker, and a pair of scissors above the text.
These are the laboratory masters of the Grisha Orders. Previously the least respected, Materialki have become increasingly valuable to the war effort as enemy military innovations have begun to surpass the power of Grisha magic. Though not originally considered combat soldiers, Materialki are now included in combat training under the Grisha Triumvirate.


They deal in matter such as Grisha steel, corecloth (similar to modern body armor), textiles, glass, wood, and stone. While Durasts’ powers are often used defensively in their work developing ingenious creations (such as the keftas worn by the Second Army), they can also be used offensively. For example, they are able to absorb harmful matter from another’s body, but can also turn it on another person and use it to wound or sicken them.

Kefta: Purple with gray embroidery

Durasts of Note: David Kostyk, Ilya Morozova, Sankta Neyar, Sankt Demyan


Working closely alongside Durasts, Alkemi specialize in chemical poisons and blasting powders. They work closely with Ravka’s scientists and inventors to further the country’s military prowess as enemy innovations advance. 

Kefta: Purple with red embroidery

Alkemi of Note: Paja, Leoni Hilli, Bo Yul-Bayur, Sankta Anastasia

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